Tower of Seven Winds in Stromboli


According to Greek mythology, Aeolus, “God of the South Winds” resided in Stromboli. A small volcano island between Naples and Sicily, Stromboli is the only active volcano in Italy that never sleeps. Actually, it blows fire into the sky every 20 minutes. “Raging Island…Raging Passions!” was the tagline of the movie “Stromboli” made on location by Roberto Rossellini in 1950. Ingrid Bergman, the lead actress in the film, became pregnant by Rossellini and the scandal condemned the film in American film market.

Wegner was fascinated by this island. After the liberation of Italy in 1943, he purchased there a small mill and remodeled it into his summer residence. He named it “Tower of Seven Winds”. Today, the venue is available to tourists as a bed-and-breakfast residence.

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