Birth Certificate Restored – Sybil Stevens at 85

Wroxham, England – On April 8, 2008, Sybil Stevens, the daughter of Armin Theophil Wegner and his first wife Lola (Leonora) Landau, received a unique present for her 85th birthday. As a birthday present, the Armin T. Wegner Society of USA recovered and meticulously restored Sibyl’s birth certificate to its original, mint condition. Interestingly, Wegner gave her the Armenian middle name “Anusch” (meaning ‘Sweetie’) in memory of thousands of children, who vanished during the Armenian Genocide, to which Wegner was a crucial witness. Mrs. Stevens was born in Berlin in 1923, and she was an honorary member of the Armin T.  Wegner Society of USA.    Sibyl Stevens passed away on July 24, 2016 in England, where she lived with her husband Rex Stevens. She was 93 years old.droppedImage_2 droppedImage_1

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